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Arsenal Review USA  
Released:  12/8/2009 10:41:43 PM
RSS Link:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/arsenalreviewusa.rss
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**GET THE NEW FEED!** For improved sound quality, subscribe to the new Arsenal Review USA feed on iTunes (it's the non-BlogTalk show in the iTunes store). You can access the new feed directly at http://feeds.feedburner.com/podbean/ezjR . Arsenal Review USA will continue to be broadcast on BTR for the next few weeks. Arsenal Review USA exists for you, the long-suffering Arsenal yank who has endured years of forced exposure to lesser teams like Marketing United and Chelski Oil. It's time to pay homage to the team that plays the silkiest football in the Premiership, and every week we'll provide you with the forum as we discuss all things Arsenal. Check us out at www.arsenalreviewusa.com.

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Old Sol - Apr 17,2010
**SUBSCRIBE TO THE NEW FEED! THIS IS THE LAST BROADCAST ON THE BLOGTALKRADIO FEED** For years Arsene Wengers young guns have yearned for the guidance and experience of a seasoned professionalthey didnt have Old Sol in mind.

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Arsenal Review USA Podcast: Pre-Sp*rs - Apr 12,2010
A little reflection on what might have been (had Lionel Messi never been born, that is) in the Champions League with Arsenal Stations Michael Hattem before talking to 7amkickoffs Tim Bostelle about the much-anticipated showdown with Sp*rs this Wednesday. Also travel tips with Carlos Vela, the impressive record of Joels Man U voodoo doll, and a post-Barcelona browbeating from Old Sol

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As the Emirates Turns - Apr 09,2010
Jealous opposing managers, former striker ex-lovers, schizophrenic keepers: it's just another dramatic chapter in daytime programming's finest, "As the Emirates Turns."

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Full Interview: Kevin Mooney from USA.Arsenal.com - Apr 07,2010
USA.Arsenal.com editor and content manager Kevin Mooney took the time to explain to us the purpose and goal of Arsenal's official new US website and share his experiences of collaborating with the club on a daily basis, meeting stars like Freddie Ljungberg, and much more.

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Arsenal Review USA Podcast: Post-Wolves - Apr 05,2010
Arsenal continue to show flagrant disregard for the cardiac welfare of millions of fans as they leave it late yet again courtesy of a Nicklas Bendtner goal. Editor and content manager of USA.Arsenal.com talks to Joel and Kyle about exactly how he scored a job where he gets PAID to write about Arsenal, the Barca-Arsenal saga heads to the soaps, and Kyle gives some bone-enriching nutritional advice...

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Touch of Arsenal - Mar 31,2010
The heartachethe frustrationthe sheer trauma of being an Arsenal supporternow its all distilled into one revolutionary product that can get you what you want in life!

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Arsenal Review USA Podcast: Post-Birmingham City - Mar 29,2010
This weeks podcast promises to act like novacaine on your deflated Gooner spirits, after 2 points were literally thrown away (well, more like flapped away) at Birmingham. Forget about it, because George from Philly has come off the subs bench to talk Barcelona at half time, potential celebrity investors are descending on the Emirates, and all the nerve-racking frustration of being an Arsenal fan has been distilled into a powerful and ultimately BENEFICIAL productno really!

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Culture Shock with Andre - Mar 25,2010
No one hogs the spotlight like the incredibly frank Andre Arshavin, so it's no surprise then that he's the star of the latest (doomed?) reality show adaptation. Hey, if "The Hills" can make it 5 seasons, this show's definitely got a chance...

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Full Interview: George Sedgwick from the Philly Gooners - Mar 24,2010
We caught the Philly Gooners' branch representative before the West Ham match to make some Champions League predictions, discuss what affect the arrival of the Philadelphia Union will have, and relive some of his favorite Arsenal memories...

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Arsenal Review USA Podcast: Post-West Ham - Mar 21,2010
Arsenal squeezes out yet another win as the Vermaelenator sees red, effectively destroying pre-match predictions like 3-0, 4-1...you know, comfortable scorelines. In the podcast we'll of course break down today's defense of the Alamo, talk tactics and Barcelona strategies with George from the Philly Gooners, resort to some sketchy and fairly diabolical tactics in an attempt to derail Man U and Chelsea, and see how the ratings are treating London's latest reality TV show...

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Bendtner's 3 Goal Energy Drink - Mar 17,2010
Don't let patronizing coaches and world class professionals tell you that goalscoring prowess can be achieved through hard work, because now you can have it INSTANTLY with this refreshing AND perfectly legal performance enhancing drink..

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Full Interview: Nick Lellenberg from the Boston Gooners - Mar 16,2010
Nick talks us through the process of starting an Arsenal supporters group, tells us what it was like to be stuck on the Tube during Cesc's demolition of Villa in January, and describes the unique experience of visiting Arsenal's training camp in Austria...

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Arsenal Review USA Podcast: Post-Hull - Mar 14,2010
Arsenal again exhibits the rare (for them) quality of being able to put away alesser team in truly ugly fashion, and who better to analyze the ugliness than Arsenal Review USA. Nick from the Boston Gooners tells us about being stuck on the Tube while Cesc was single-handedly beating Villa, Nicklas Bendtner cant stop landing endorsements, Joel aims a (accurate!) slur at Jimmy Bullard, and Kyle, out of pure spite, names a rather comprehensive Wanker of the Week

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The Bottom of the Table Crazies - Mar 10,2010
What do you get when you mix horrendous tackling with over-eager Hollywood producers? This, which we're assuming was written by Michael Bay during the writer's strike....

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Full Interview: Omar Shamout from the LA Gooners - Mar 07,2010
Arsenal Review USA's full interview with Omar from the LA Gooners during half time of the Burnley game, plus a quick song from the rest of the Gooners at the Fox and Hounds...

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Arsenal Review USA Podcast: Post-Burnley - Mar 07,2010
Who needs a favorable shot to goal ratio anyway? Arsenal sidles up beside Chelsea at the top of the table, albeit momentarily, with a less than convincing offensive display against Burnley. In the show: the LA Gooners provide a halftime pep-talk and song, we'll bring analysis of the Burnley game, offer an admittedly obvious Wanker of the Week, and take a look at how Hollywood (and the English media) cant stop slobbering all over Ryan Shawcross (think Texas Chainsaw Massacre VI)

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Cesc and Nicklas Penalty Negotiation - Mar 01,2010
Ronaldo and Alonso aren't the only guys who can't agree on who should take penalties...the mics were on during Arsenal's penalty kick against Sunderland, and here's what they captured...

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Full Interview: Arsenal America President David Kilpatrick - Feb 28,2010
Arsenal Review USAs full interview with Arsenal America President David Kilpatrick, on topics ranging from acquiring Arsenal tickets to what Gooners can expect from the squad in the title run-in

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Arsenal Review USA Podcast: Post-Stoke - Feb 28,2010
A very, very busy Arsenal Review USA Podcast on a day when Arsenal drew 3 points closer to the top of the table in a game marred by a horror injury to Aaron Ramsey. It was our privilege to talk all things Arsenal with David Kilpatrick, President of Arsenal America, immediately after the game, so well let you hear what he had to say after our review of the hair-raising encounter against Stoke. Also an unusual Wanker of the Week, as well as a look at the negotiations that sometimes occur between players prior to penalty kicks

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Football Fashion Judge - Feb 22,2010
Ivory Coast-themed wristbands, multi-colored boots, innumerable tattoos...ah yes, so much accessorizing in the modern game, but is it making the beautiful games LESS beautiful? Thankfully, we had one of these on-hand: The Football Fashion Judge!

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Arsenal Review USA Podcast: Post-Sunderland - Feb 21,2010
You narrowly win some, you lose somethis week Arsenal lived by the haphazard defense and died by the haphazard defense, against Sunderland and Porto respectively. Well take you through each harrowing defensive encounter, walk through the Hall of Fame of recent goalkeeping blunders, try to figure out if Martin Hansson really sounds like the Swedish Chef, and decide whether or not footballers sport as many pieces of flare as figure skaters in the Football Fashion Judge segment...

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Sweet Nothings with Arsene Wenger - Feb 14,2010
Want to show that special someone how much you care without sacrificing the time you spend with the best football club in the world? Well then the Love Professor himself, Arsene Wenger, has got exactly what you need this Valentine's Day....

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Arsenal Review USA Podcast: Post-Liverpool - Feb 13,2010
Arsenal remains within striking distance of the top spot after a narrow win against Liverpool, but still needs the likes of Chelsea and Man U to slip up, so well take a look at the potential pitfalls for the top two in their remaining schedules. With Valentine's Day approaching well provide you with some helpful tips, courtesy of Arsene Wenger, on how to really say I love you this year, review the game against the scousers, discuss if Fabregas is going anywhere, take a look at injuries ahead of next weeks Porto game, and much more

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The Best Merked Transfers - Feb 08,2010
Transfers are overrated...seriously. Don't believe us? Then check out this exclusive new DVD to get a firsthand look at some of the hilarious, transfer market pitfalls clubs have fallen into over the years...

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Arsenal Review USA: Post-Chelsea - Feb 08,2010
Arsenal maintains their sterling record against the top four as they fall for the second time this season against Didier Drogba, so join Joel and Kyle as they attempt to figure out where help will come from with no January transfer window signings. We'll also talk about new buddies John Terry and John Harkes, as well as take a look at the sudden entertainment value of failed transfers...

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Arsenal Liabilities Health Group - Feb 02,2010
Yes, it's true we Arsenal fans have to put up with injuries (to players) on an all-too regular basis, but do we ever stop to think about the poor guy who's stuck with the job of sorting out all the paperwork? No, of course not...well Joel did, and in a rare bout of sympathy gave the (apparently American) insurance agent a call to see what he had to put up with on a daily basis...

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Arsenal Review USA Podcast: Post-Man U - Feb 01,2010
Well look on the bright side, theres three months of Premiership left, so well do our best to look ahead (and, yes, a little back, since we are a review show) past Arsenals 3-1 loss to visitors Man U. Well review both games this week, and discuss news, injuries, and even take a look at the poor guy who has to deal with Arsenals injury insurance woes on a daily basis.

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2009 ARUSA Awards - Jan 25,2010
Have the formalities and shameless politicking of the winter season's usual awards shows got you down? Then join Joel and Kyle as they host the celebration of all things that shouldn't be celebrated in the Premier League, at the 2009 ARUSA Awards! **WARNING** The hosts and judges panel DO acknowledge that more than partial bias towards Arsenal helped determine winners of certain categories...

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Arsenal Review USA: Post-Stoke and ARUSA Awards Recap - Jan 25,2010
Well well...it had to end sometime didn't it? Arsenal falls to the sword of the mighty...err..Stoke in the FA Cup, but is it all for the better? We'll discuss what the season now holds for Arsenal, as well as give you the long-awaited recap of the ARUSA Awards: get ready to drink in all things ridiculous from 2009!

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Arsenal Review USA: Post-Bolton: Part 2 - Jan 24,2010
Two games...two victories, and just like that Arsenal are top of the table. We'll bask in the glory that is the Premiership summit, and talk about what Arsenal needs to do to replicate this success against teams like Chelsea and Man U. We'll also discuss the definition of "assault" with Owen Coyle, and go over the injury news, transfer rumors, etc.

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Arsenal Senior Foundation - Jan 18,2010
Year after year, Arsenal loses yet another of its most valuable, cherished commodities: a senior. Contrary to what certain individuals in positions of authority at Arsenal may think, we at the Arsenal Senior Foundation believe life doesn't end after age thirty. Please listen to see how YOU can make a difference in the life of an Arsenal senior like Sol Campbell today...

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Arsenal Review USA: Post-Bolton - Jan 18,2010
It's senior appreciation week here at Arsenal Review USA, and we'll celebrate it by going over the Bolton win in detail and discussing the usefulness of our re-acquirement, Sol Campbell. Of course there's also the wanker of the week, transfer gossip aplenty, injury news, and an interesting look at how YOU can help keep senior players like Sol at Arsenal...

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Wasserman's Used Player Lot - Jan 12,2010
Tired of buying overpriced domestic players that simply don't live up to the hype? In this tough economy, no one can afford to fork over extra money for a home-made commodity that will break down or become ineffective after unrealistic, relentless expectations placed on him by the media. That's why you need to think foreign...think used...think cheap! And there's only one place where you can get these bargains everyday...

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Arsenal Review USA: Post-Everton - Jan 10,2010
Arsenal Review USA has been furiously shoveling snow to make sure we don't join half of this week's Premiership games that have already fallen victim to the weather. We'll stay warm by evaluating the barn-stormer against Everton, keep up the transfer gossip, and of course take a look at news, who's on the treatment table, etc. Arsene Wenger might want to listen to this episode as we'll also take a look at a potential source (albeit seedy) for bargain transfers...

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The Vermaelenator - Jan 04,2010
The outlook for the Premiership is bleak. Three billion dollars have been poured into the league (roughly). Clubs not funded by whimsical, financially indiscreet tycoons are struggling to survive against juggernauts powered by marketing directives, money and human souls (probably). Arsenal's only recourse? A chiseled cyborg that tackles with indiscriminate, brutal efficiency...

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Arsenal Review USA: Post-West Ham - Jan 03,2010
Happy New Year! Third round FA Cup action against West Ham caps off a busy holiday schedule, but that's not all we've got on our minds at Arsenal Review USA. We're brimming with optimism (it was hard for Joel but he was in fact able to muster a little optimism...), so naturally we'll share it with you in the form of our New Year's Arsenal resolutions. Oh yes and the usual stuff about news, transfer rumors, the Wanker of the Week and all that...

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Joel and Almunia Break Up - Dec 30,2009
It wasn't easy, but Joel finally screwed up enough courage to tell Manuel Almunia what he felt was hindering their relationship: not being supportive of the back four, lack of sensitivity to crosses, and unresponsiveness on free-kicks (**cough**Cristiano Ronaldo**ahem**), amongst other things. Think he might have been too harsh? Have a listen and let Arsenal Review USA know how YOU feel....

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Arsenal Review USA: Post-Villa Elation! - Dec 27,2009
Arsenal Review USA can't stop talking about the Arsenal holiday season that just keeps on giving, especially after another 3-nil win! We'll also discuss one very tasty January transfer possibility, absolutely roast the Wanker of the Week and take a close look at how Thomas Vermaelen's procuring some supplemental income....

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Holiday Time-Off Spot - Dec 26,2009
Wish you had some more time to spend with family and friends this holiday season? Is work consuming ever facet of your already busy life? Find out how at Arsenal Football Club, we know you're not just a number: you're a living, breathing, human being who needs at least 3+ months off of work each year to address the more important things in life...



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