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Jottings from a Holy Mountain  
Released:  10/26/2009 10:26:43 PM
RSS Link:  http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/JottingsFromAHolyMountain
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Orthodox Monastic Spirituality - Understanding the Orthodox monastic life, the work of prayer, and insights for Christian growth and living.

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Journey to Greece, Part Two
In Part Two of his recent journey to Greece, Fr. Meletios describes his time in Thessaloniki, and visits to several monastery's in Mt. Athos.

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Journey to Greece, Part One
In part one of his recent journey to Greece, Fr. Meletios describes his travels from Athens to Mt. Olympus, visiting a number of Monastery's along the way.

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Living in the Outside World
In his travels to the Consecration of Fr. Alexander (Golitzin) as Bishop of the Bulgarian Diocese, Fr. Mel is reminded of the difficulties in the outside world, and of three important lessons: Don't Judge; Don't React; and Don't Resent.

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News from the Monastery in Manton, CA
Fr. Meletios updates us with news from the Monastery, including a beautiful Tonsure service raising two monks to the level of Stavrophore Monks.

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Reflections on Lent and Pascha, Sharing Plans for the Future
After a Blessed Pascha at the Monastery, Fr. Meletios shares his plans to build a skete in Montana, and a long awaited return to Greece.

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Reports from the Holy Land - Part 2
Fr. Meletios continues with his report on his recent trip to the Holy Land.

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Reports from the Holy Land
Abbot Meletios sends his first post pilgrimage report about his recent trip to the Holy Land.

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Projects, Pilgrimage, and the Lenten Journey
Recorded during the 4th week of Great Lent, Abbot Meletios brings us up to date on projects at the monastery and talks about an upcoming pilgrimage to the Holy Land. He concludes with a helpful description of the Lenten journey.

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Living On the Mountain
With summer coming to an end, Fr. Meletios returns with an update from the monastery and a glimpse of the monastic life.

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Finding God in the Ordinary
With a spring report from the monastery, Fr. Meletios talks about the Apostle's Fast and finding God in the ordinary quiet days of the fast.

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Dreaming of a White Pascha
In his first episode following Pascha, Fr.Meletios reports on their snowy celebration and other news from the mountain.

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The Master Is Present And Waiting For Us
In his 10th episode, Fr. Meletios talks about the Lenten schedule at the monastery recorded during the 3rd week of Great Lent.

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Stylites, Lent, and Forgiveness
Fr. Meletios gives a helpful description of the Stylite ascetic life as well as thoughts on Great Lent and forgiveness.

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Back From Europe
Today's podcast provides a variety of information including a report on the trip Fr. Meletios took to Europe, the Bishop's blessing on a new building on the monastery campus, and how an Abbott deals with a crisis.

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Greetings From The Netherlands
Fr. Meletios speaks to us today from The Netherlands and he continues his explanation of the various ranks of monasticism. He concludes with a description of the Dutch celebration of Sinterklaas or St. Nicholas Day.

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Monasticism and Vocation
Fr. Meletios helps us understand the various "ranks" of monasticism as well as the vocational aspects.

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Life At The Monastery
In the midst of a stormy day on the mountain, Fr. Meletios describes life at the monastery.

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Silence and Gratitude
Today Fr. Meletios reflects on the value of silence even in the midst of a building project at the monastery and concludes with a spiritual exercise in gratitude.



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