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Speaking of Books  
Released:  4/4/2009 9:06:35 AM
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Exploring the World of Christian books - Regular reviews of Christian and primarily Orthodox books, both new and old.

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The Making of Holy Russia
Nicholas Chapman interviews Fr. John Strickland, the author of The Making of Holy Russia: The Orthodox Church and Russian Nationalism Before the Revolution, published by Holy Trinity Publications.

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Remember Thy First Love
Nicholas Chapman reviews Remember Thy First Love: The Three Stages of the Spiritual Life in the Theology of Elder Sophrony by Archimandrite Zacharias, published by the Stavropegic Monastery of St. John The Baptist.

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Herman, A Wilderness Saint
Nicholas Chapman reviews Herman, A Wilderness Saint: From Sarov, Russia to Kodiak, Alaska by Sergei Korsun, published by Holy Trinity Publications.

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The Scent of Holiness
Katherine Hyde reviews The Scent of Holiness: Lessons from a Women's Monastery by Constantina Palmer, published by Conciliar Press.

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The Bible for Young People
Jane G. Meyer reviews The Bible for Young People by Zoe Kanavas (illustrated by Christos Gousides), published by Narthex Press.

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The Russian Catechism
Nicholas Chapman reviews The Russian Catechism, Composed and Published by Order of the Czar. To Which Is Annex'd, a Short Account of the Church-Government, and Ceremonies, of the Moscovites. Illustrated with Cuts.

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Elizabeth Crispina Johnson
Jane G. Meyer reviews And Then Nicholas Sang and What Do You Hear, Angel?, both by Elizabeth Crispina Johnson and published by Conciliar Press.

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Orthodox Coloring Books
Jane G. Meyer recommends children's coloring books by Anna Larsen and Potamitis Publishing.

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Greeces Dostoevsky
Nicholas Chapman reviews Greeces Dostoevsky: The Theological Vision of Alexandros Papadiamandis by Anestis Keselopoulos, published by Protecting Veil Press.

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Sojourning with Angels
Katherine Hyde reviews Sojourning with Angels: The Rise of Zazriel, published by Faith & Fiction.

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Francis Woke Up Early
Jane G. Meyer reviews Francis Woke Up Early by Josephine Nobisso, illustrated by Maureen Hyde and published by Gingerbread House.

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A Champion of Good
Katherine Hyde reviews A Champion of Good: The Life of Father Ilarion by Natalia Mikhailovna Kopyttseva, published by Holy Trinity Publications.

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Grand Entrance
Nicholas Chapman reviews Grand Entrance: Worship on Earth as in Heaven by Edith M. Humphrey, published by Brazos Press.

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A Childs Christmas in Wales
Katherine Hyde reads excerpts from A Child's Christmas in Wales by Dylan Thomas, published by Holiday House.

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The Edge of Mysterion
Fr. Michael Gillis reviews The Edge of Mysterion by Fr. Richard Rene, published by Conciliar Press.

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The Opposite of Art
Katherine Hyde reviews The Opposite of Art by Athol Dickson, published by Howard Books.

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Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy
Nicholas Chapman reviews Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy: Exploring Belief Systems Through the Lens of the Ancient Christian Faith by Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick, published by Conciliar Press.



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