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City Community Church  
Released:  2/23/2009 4:29:01 PM
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Welcome to City Community Church! We’re ordinary people with an extraordinary belief that God is doing something amazing in the city of Indianapolis. City Community Church is a biblical expression in the heart of downtown Indy, passionate about God and purposeful in loving this city and the world. We’re a community with a cause, rekindling the imagination of a city through the hope of Jesus Christ. We’re a people on a journey, moving toward the heart of God, seeking to serve the city in our own spheres of influence. You are welcome here, no matter where you are on your spiritual journey (hey, we’ve got questions too). City Community Church is a place that will accept you for who you are, but also challenge you to become all you were created to be. We’re much more than just an hour on Sunday. Sure you’ll find our 1-hour gatherings full of space to worship, inspiring artistic moments, perspective-challenging biblical teaching, and environments your kids will love. But all of that is

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Become What You Believe

Today on Easter Sunday, Nathan talks about believing.  Do you have to see to believe or do you let faith take over?

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(Live) in the 167

In the last week for Listen.Lean.Live, Nathan encourages us to think about how we are worshipping outside the one hour expression.

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The Center

Today Nathan wraps up the Listen.Lean.Live series by looking at how many people are raised with the attitude that we are the center of the universe and how this attitude can drastically affect our relationships with others.

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Today Nathan continues the Listen.Lean.Live series by looking at the Good Samaritan.  This story illustrates how we should live our daily lives generously giving to others.

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This week Nathan pulls together the Listen.Lean.Live series by focusing on Living.  We can listen and lean all we want but until we begin living, we remain incomplete.

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Fulfilled Life

What are you doing with your life? Are you just trying to make it through or are you actually going after what God has planned for you.

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Kingdom Community

Today we continue with the Listen.Lean.Live series by looking at the way true Kingdom Community looks like.  Listen for cues on how we can lean into each other rather than always trying to do things on our own.

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Lean: Finding Your Community

Many people struggle with leaning into others and trusting them to help them grow together. This week provides an opportunity to take the first step in establishing those relationships with others in the community.

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Life's Noise

Nathan continues the Listen.Lean.Live. series today.  God speaks loudest in the quiet.  Do you have space in your life to hear it?

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Listen.Lean.Live continues this week as we start to dive into the Listen aspect of our series.  How good are you at listening to the voice of God?

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Listen.Lean.Live Intro

We are starting the new year talking about Listen.Lean.Live.  Most problems that people have to work through fall into a lacking in one of these three areas.  We will explore them over the next 6-8 weeks.

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Alle Vulong And Other Christmas Faux Paus

What wrong ideas do you have about Christmas?  Until you go back to the Original Intent, those wrong ideas will affect your entire view of Christmas.

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Cramming Or Carving

Are you cramming Jesus into Christmas or are you carving out time for Him?

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The Final Word

When we are constantly looking outside of ourselves to tell us who we are, who gets the last word?

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GOOD Enough?

What keeps you from passionately moving into your giftings?  Have you settled for a GOOD work when a GREAT work is possible? An atlas, an orphan and an Old Testament story may be the motivation you need to move.

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Who Are You?

Today Dr. Mike Elmore brings definition through illustration to questions about who we are, what/who are the church, and what is CityCom.

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Today Nathan opens up a short series called Thanksgifting.  Our Father abundantly gives us gifts to use for His purpose but how do we discover what those gifts are and how to use them best?

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The One or the 1

Today Nathan asks the question, are you moving closer to The One for farther away.

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What If What You Thought Was Right Was Actually Wrong

Today Dr. Mike Elmore shares on the area of discipleship.  Are we doing discipleship the way it was intended or are we just going about it the way we have always seen it done?

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Civil Wars - Same Old Same Old

Today Jake Nelson wraps up the Civil Wars series with "Same Old, Same Old".  Based on the theme of the Civil Wars' song of the same name, he poses questions about how marriage can reflect our redemption through Christ.

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Civil Wars: Victims & Villains?

Today we continue the Civil Wars series with special guest Tara Gentry.  Tara shares today on how sometimes the church is the source of a number of civil wars.  Listen and find out why.

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Civil Wars - Falling

Nathan continues on the Civil War series today.  What are you following after and what are you falling for?

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Civil Wars - Back In Time

Today Nathan continues the Civil Wars series.  Are there times you wish you could go back in time and change mistakes that have been made?  Unfortunately you can't do that.  All you can do is move forward.

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Civil Wars - Intro

Today Nathan sets up the new series called Civil Wars.  What internal struggles cause the beginning of most civil wars?  Find out today...

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Charting Your Course

Today Nathan shares on how important the community you are a part of is to the course you have planned out for your life. The chemistry of your community will determine the character and consistency of your course.

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Small Groups Fall 2013

Today Tara and the small group leaders for this fall share on what small groups are being offered and also some of the reasons why being part of a small group is important to being part of community.

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Faith and Trust

Sometimes it's not our faith that's the issue; sometimes it's trust we lack. Nathan illustrates how in order to trust in Him, we must know Him and spend time with Him.

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Fake IDs And Hard Time

Today Nathan uses a story about fake IDs to draw a parallel between our real life and how we sometimes present ourselves to God.  He knows us better than we know ourselves and we only fool ourselves when we try this.

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Live to Forgive

Today Nathan uses Matthew 18:23-35 to illustrate forgiveness in two points: receiving forgiveness from the King and passing it in the same way to others.

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The Pharisee Or The Tax Collector

Today Nathan uses the story of the Pharissee and the tax collector from Luke 18 to draw parallels between two types of people.  Both exist today and are very different people.  Which one are you?

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Get On With Your Life

Today Nathan asks the question "What are you doing with your life?"  Are you stuck trying to figure out what you're supposed to be doing or trying to decide when is the right time to do it?  If you are, the stop wasting time and just get on with it.  Tomorrow is not a guarantee.

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One Thing - Part 2

Today Danny Carroll continues on the topic of the One Thing.  Check it out to find out what One Thing he is talking about...

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One Thing

Today special guest Danny Carroll talks about the One Thing.  Are you doing the One Thing?  Do you even know what the One Thing is?  Listen and you might just find out the answer to both questions.

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Father's Day 2013

Happy Fathers Day!!  Don't be afraid to go into the deep water.

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Vision & Change

Today Dr. Mike Elmore shares on vision and change.  Does the vision compel change?  It should.

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Perspectives-Doctor's Orders

Many churches have tried, many churches have failed.  How is the Great Commission fulfilled?  Join Dr Mike Elmore in this breakdown of the vision of City Community Church...and how we might pull it off with some URLS.

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4 - Change

Today Tara shares on the topic of Change.  It's never easy to move forward and change things that are holding you back, but the rewards for fighing through the challenge are worth the effort.

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4 - Intimacy

Today Nathan touches back on embracing intimacy with God.  Who or what are you embracing intimacy with?  Are you trading enduring intimacy for cheap thrills that won't last?

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4 - I AM

Today special guest Tara Gentry shares on Mother's Day.  Tara shares several of her personal stories about how I AM is everything you need and the rest is just bonus.

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4 - Perseverance

Today Nathan continues on the subject of Restoring The Story.  When life gets hard, the natural tendancy is to try and escape the challenge.  What happens when we fight through the challenge and come out the other side?

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4 - I Dreamed A Dream?

Today Nathan contines on the topic of Restoring The Story.  We have spent our whole life planning and dreaming of what the future looks like.  What happens if the life we dreamed of is shattered?  Will that end our story or will we write the next chapter?

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4 - The Never Ending Story

Today Nathan continues on the topic of Restoring The Story.  We make decisions every single day that will write the story that is told to the next generation.  Is this story that we are writing something we want shared?

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4-Restore the Story-No Judging

Today Nathan continues on 4 Series with topic #2 - Encountering Community Through Story (Restore The Story).  It can be difficult for people to share in the story of others without judging the story.  Eli the priest jumped to conclusions.  Do you?  It might hinder the next chapters to come.

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Easter 2013-Respond

Jesus didn't conquered death, hell and the grave...all so we could say, "eehh."  Maybe there's a different response...

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4 - Be Still

Today Nathan continues on the topic of Embracing Intimacy With God.  Two words:  Be Still.

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4 - Naked Before God

Today Tara Gentry continues on the topic Embracing Intimacy With God.  We are always trying to cover ourselves up before God but He sees us naked as we really are.

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4 - Slave Or Son

Today guest speaker Danny Carroll continues on the subject of Intimacy With God.  What is your position with God?  Are you a slave or a son?  Your position will determine your relationship.

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4 - God's Tea Party

Today we continue on with the 4 series.  In today's episode, Nathan continues on talking about true intimacy with God.  He is wanting to spend time with us like a little girl wants to have a tea party with her daddy, but are we preoccupied with other things to give God the time he wants?

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4 - God Is Not A One Night Stand

Today we start a new series titled 4.  Here in this first episode, Nathan discusses what embracing intimacy with God might look like in a real and practical approach.

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I Want To Know What Love Is

The greatest commandment is to love God with everything and love your neighbor as yourself, but what does that look like.  Listen and you might just find out...

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Digging In The Dirt

The seed is good, the conditions right...is there something wrong with the soil

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So What If You Don't Have This All Figured Out

Waiting for your theology to catch up with your passion?  Don't wait too long...

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Maybe We've Been Sold A Bad Bill Of Goods

From chubby angels to an angry God, maybe we need to rethink this whole thing...

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Who Is Your Climbing Companion?

Being a disciple of Jesus will require some effort and leaving the crowd behind.  It's a journey that you will not want to take alone.  Who are you going on the journey with?

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Beginning with the End

With the new year beginning, are you focusing on beginning something new or are you looking at the end goal?  Where you look will determine where you end up.  Who is standing at the end of your aisle?

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RE:Imagining - Receiving

A love struck Daddy spends all He has on the most incredible gift.  Join City Com for this Christmas message of 2012!

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RE:Imagining - Christmas

Today Nathan talks about Re:Imagining Christmas.  So many times we get wrapped up in what we can conceive that we forget to allow God to do the inconceivable.  Today also includes music by Brian Blume.

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Living Normally, Loving Accurately

In this episode, Nathan is joined by Craig Bouchier and Jay Kirkpatrick, who give us a picture of what it's like to love accurately and live "normally" as a follower of Christ. 



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