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A Word from the Holy Fathers  
Released:  2/2/2009 9:19:52 PM
RSS Link:  http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/AWordFromTheHolyFathers
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Reflections on Orthodoxy in its Patristic and Monastic Heritage - The A Word from the Holy Fathers Podcast offers a weekly reflection on the writings of the Church Fathers, their significance, and their insights for the life of Orthodox Christians in every age.

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Glory to God Who Has Shown Himself to Us: St. Ephrem and St. John on the Nativity
In a broadcast for the Feast of the Nativity According to the Flesh of the Lord Jesus Christ, we reflect on two hymns of St. Ephrem the Syrian and a portion of a homily by St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco on the glory of the night of Christs full revelation.

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Remembering the Mother of God: St. Cyril on the Theotokos and the Incarnation
In this season of Christs incarnate coming in the flesh, we take a moment to reflect, through the words of St. Cyril of Alexandria, on the role of the Virgin Theotokos in the nativity of the true God, Jesus Christ.

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The Coming of the Lord - St. Leo the Great
Archimandrite Irenei examines a sermon by St. Leo of Rome, normally read in the season of Pascha, yet which sheds great light on the coming of the Lord, and the pastoral message to be gleaned from the intense theological disputes about Christs natures that raged in the early Church.

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St. Nicholas Cabasilas on the Assurance of the True Body and Blood
In every age, there is the temptation to doubt the Mysteries of the Churchto question how it is that the faithful should remain secure in believing that Christ makes Himself truly present in Body and Blood at the Holy Table. In this weeks episode, Archimandrite Irenei examines an extended text by Nicholas Cabasilas on the substance of our faith in the Mystical Supper.

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Abba Poemen the Great: On Softening the Hardest of Hearts
In this weeks broadcast, Archimandrite Irenei examines three sayings by Abba Poemen ("The Shepherd") of Egypt on the means by which the hardest heart can be softened by the Lord.

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St. John the Dwarf: A Life of All the Virtues
What has a man whose obedience once caused a barren stick to blossom forth a tree in the desert to tell us today about the life of virtue? Is it possible for man today to partake of all the virtues? In this weeks broadcast, Archimandrite Irenei examines two sayings of Fr. John the Short of Egypt on the accessibility of all the virtues through the foundation of the love of neighbor.

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St. John Chrysostom on the Charity of Fasting
In this weeks broadcast, Archimandrite Irenei offers a reflection on a selection of sayings of St John Chrysostom on the pastoral nature of fasting as an act of charity. In what sense does our fast minister to our neighbor?

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St John of the Ladder on Seeking a Suitable Way of Life
St. John of the Ladder, whom we normally read during Great Lent, is a Father who offers practical guidance to Christian life of every moment. In this weeks broadcast, Archimandrite Irenei explores a series of passages from Step 1 of St Johns Ladder to Paradise, on the specific issue of the universal calling of the Christian life, coupled with the need for each person to seek out a suitable way of life for the spiritual struggle to be exercised.

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St. Cyprian on Cain, Abel, and True Self-Sacrifice
What are we to make of the Genesis account of Cain and Abel? In this broadcast, Archimandrite Irenei examines a portion of St Cyprian of Carthages Treatise on the Lords Prayer that shows forth Abel as the first martyr, the example of true self-sacrifice. And it is a lesson with a practical aim: the quenching of anger and hatred, and the discovery of a life offered more wholly to God.

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Defeating the Slavery of Bad Habits
Among the greatest struggles in the Christian life are the "little things"the day-to-day "bad habits" by which we continually fall, and which seem to trap us in our sin. Is there a way out? In this weeks episode, Archimandrite Irenei examines the Fathers on sin as habits, how these habits enslave usand most importantly, how we can overcome our shackles and progress toward the Kingdom.

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The Contours of Christian Love
Can one call oneself a Christian without love? And what is the nature of the love we are called to show our neighbors? In this weeks episode, Archimandrite Irenei examines four patristic passages on love, and asks the question: What is it about Christian love that makes it unique in the world?

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From the Bone of Adam: St. Irenaeus on the Creation of Eve
The Genesis account of Eve being created from the rib of Adam has, throughout history, often been interpreted in negative ways. In this weeks broadcast, through a brief text by St. Irenaeus of Lyons, Archimandrite Irenei examines a patristic vision of this creation grounding the true intimacy and mutual responsibility of the human community, male and female as helpers of one another in the work of salvation.

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Back to Forgiveness
We look again at the theme of forgiveness in the writings of the Fatherswith an eye particularly toward practical injunctions on forgiveness and the relationship of repentance, forgiveness, and redemption in quotations from a variety of patristic sources. Archimandrite Irenei also introduces the Patristic Quotations Topical Index.

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God Is There, Where the Understanding Does Not Reach
In this episode, Archimandrite Irenei returns to the Life of Moses by St Gregory of Nyssa, and examines a key passage in which the Saint compares the ascent of spiritual life to Mosess ascent of Mt. Sinai. What does it mean to ascend into "darkness," to converse with God "where the understanding does not reach"? And how does Mosess example reveal the way in which all the Fathers and Saints draw the whole Christian family into deeper communion with God?

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St. John Chrysostom: Practical Guidance on Dealing with Others
St. John Chrysostoms preaching is filled with practical advice on living a Christian life in the world, and in this broadcast we look at four sayings in which he addresses commonplace issues in the Christians dealings with others: combating envy, overcoming offence, learning to conquer anger with love, and living in unity to the glory of God.

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St. Nicholas Cabasilas on the Trisagion Hymn
In this episode, Archimandrite Irenei explores the commentary on the "Holy God" by the 14th-century Byzantine lay theologian, St Nicholas Cabasilas. What is the significance of this ancient hymn of glorification of the Trinity? This episode features portions of recordings of the hymn by St Anthonys Monastery, the Monastery of St John the Wonderworker, the Stretennia Mens Chorus, and St Vladimirs Orthodox Seminary.

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St. Gregory of Nyssa on Emulating the Fortuitous Birth of Moses
In the first sections of the second book of his Life of Moses, St. Gregory of Nyssa instructs that Christians are to "emulate the fortuitous birth of Moses"but how can this be done? Is not birth outside the realm of a persons control? In examining the manner in which St. Gregory exposes "birth" as the constant making of choices by the free human creature, we discover the rich manner in which the saint finds spiritual significance in the historical moments of Scripture.

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The Heritage of St. Paul in Orthodox Spirituality - Part 2
This week we broadcast the second half of our lecture on the heritage of St Paul in Orthodoxy, given recently in Manchester, UK, to a largely non-Orthodox audience. In this portion, Archimandrite Irenei focuses on St. Pauls injunction to "pray without ceasing," and explores the manner in which this is lived out in the Prayer of the Heart and experiential life of Orthodox Christianity throughout history.



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