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Released:  4/30/2009 6:57:07 PM
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ReapSowRadio-Brought to you by Atheists-Talk radio for intelligent people with a sense of humor.

19 Podcasts:

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ReapSowRadio #11

    C. Allen Thompson co-hosts the show during the 1st hour while Al Stefanelli celebrates his birthday. Make sure you check out Al’s new book Free Thoughts – A Collection Of Essays By An American Atheist

The second hour you can hear Ernest Perce as guest on The Angry Atheist podcast. Ernest is one of the most hated atheists in some parts of the world, admired in other parts. You can decide for yourself what you think of him after you listen to this interview.


GO TO ReapSowradio.com and subscribe

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ReapSowRadio #6

This week on ReapSowRadio

Reap talks about

  • Gas Prices
  • Why can't god/mohammed stand up for himself/itself/herself/themselves?
  • New wording for Chinese slogans to limit childbirth
  • 49 foods you shouldn't be eating if you want to live a long life

During the second hour-

The Angry Atheist podcast featuring Atheist Pastor, a pastor who has become an Atheist and is about to leave the church.

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ReapSowRadio #5

Reap deals with a hater about 15 min into the show. Other topics include

  • p**n
  • abortion
  • Judge Mark Martin
  • Santorum
  • Accidental burning of the Koran
  • Misconceptions
  • Tenn 'don't say gay' law
  • Texting 

ReapSowRadio can be heard LIVE on godlessradio.net Every Tuesday at 3pm pacific. join the chat or just listen you're going to hell anyway.

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ReapSowRadio #4
itunes pic

ReapSowRadio welcomes Crispy Sea to the show this week. You can find his blog here and you can also find him on twitter. In this podcast you will hear about the following

  • Vanetine's Day
  • PETA the perverts
  • Vatican WikiLeaks
  • Catholics-Birth control and prayer
  • Militant Secularism/Atheism
  • Random caller tries to screw up show-He fails (58:28)
  • Sex Facts

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ReapSowRadio #3
itunes pic


Flyingfree333 joins Reap and Al to talk about e-cigs and what they are all about. We also discuss Planned Parenthood, the tactics used in religious debates by believers, stem cell research, Ron Paul, and several other interesting subjects to make you think. godlessradio.net- bookmark it

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ReapSowRadio #1
itunes pic

Reap tells you about some stem cell research and why it's wrong for people to try and stop research becaue of religious reasons. Listen to why the pope wants you to spend less time asking all those pesky questions about religion and the church. ReapSowRadio is a weekly podcast that covers news and information while providing opinion and insight.



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