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The Marketology Series  
Released:  1/7/2011 2:45:54 AM
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This is a marketing series providing tips, news and resources to help the marketing executive or business owner conduct practical marketing. This looks into more than just the strategies and resources, it looks into the mindset of why we do what we do in marketing and the thought process of buyers.

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148 Ways To Market
I had a chance to interview Charlene Brisson on 148 ways to market your business.

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Marketology Series - talking about business mixer, person phone, business cards, vamp, business card
Today we're gonna talk about marketing with business card. I just came from a business mixer and everybody was passing out business cards and forth and also the business cards looked very much the same. They had the name of the business name of the person, phone number, email address some even had website which was a plus in that regard but what I did noticed was the way to fully utilize your business card to generate business one of the things that you want to do with prospect is give the potential client or customer with any of vamp(?), give them their benefits for contacting you. Most business cards just say this is the company this is what we do. Here is my name and how to contact me which only show ___.

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Marketology Series - Why you should manage your local marketing
Today I would like to talk to you about local marketing for your business. It is critical that you have your business managed in the local market space. If you do not manage your local listing, you could loose tons of business.

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New Year's Resolutions - Does Your Business Have Any?
What does your business have plan for the new year? Here is a secret to successfully profiting this year and my commitment to you.



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