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YWAM Podcast  
Released:  11/7/2010 11:49:53 PM
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News about Youth With A Mission and Christian Missions

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YWAM Love Feasts, Bristol Interview, New York Cafe, South Sudan Refuge and Building Works
Intro: Welcome to the Youth With A Mission news podcast, episode 85. This week we will get an update from YWAM Panama about their buildings that were badly damaged by a falling tree, hear a little bit about the history and importance of Love Feasts in YWAM’s history, where God is continuing to lead the […]

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Ukraine Ministry and Prayer, Classroom in a Box in Mozambique, Outreach at Carnaval, Human Trafficking Ministry
Intro:In this episode of the Youth With A Mission News Podcast we will look at YWAM’s ministry in Ukraine, hear about YWAM Melbourne, Australia’s 30-year celebration, find out about the Classroom in a Box ministry that is changing lives in Mozambique, hear about the YWAM Carnaval outreach, find out about ministry opportunities to victims of […]

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Future of YWAM, Stop Ministry Burnout, Creative Arts and Film Making Training, UofN Graduation
This week on the Youth With A Mission News Podcast we hear from Darlene Cunningham about the Future of YWAM, get some tips on how to keep from burning out on the mission field, get an update from our teams working in the Philippines and South Sudan, find out about a need of one of […]

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YWAM Ships Invited to Marshall Islands, Damage from falling Tree in Panama, SXSW Outreach, Justice Water Update, Jesus is Winning
In this episode of the Youth With A Mission News Podcast we will hear from Loren Cunningham about how Jesus is winning in the Nations, find out about YWAM Ships being invited to the Marshall Islands, learn about the damage caused when a tree fell on some of the YWAM Panama buildings, hear what Justice […]

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How the Bible Transforms Nations, South Sudan Refugee Camp Update, Helping the Disabled in Latvia, New UofN Catalog
In this episode of the Youth With A Mission News Podcast we willhear from Loren Cunningham about how the Bible transforms nations,we will talk about how you can help the South Sudan Refugees, see what kind of work is happening to rebuild in the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan, find out about a ministry to disabled […]

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South Sudan Relief Work, Rebuilding in the Philippines, World Cup Outreach, and Experiencing Revival
Intro:In the first episode of the YWAM News Podcast for 2014 we will be talking about the work that Youth With A Mission is doing in South Sudan, find out what relief work is continuing to happen in the Philippines, and we will also hear about many outreach and training opportunities coming up in the […]

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Update from South Sudan, Philippines Relief Work, Commonwealth Games Outreach, Loren Cunningham on Jesus is Winning
This week on the YWAM News Podcast we will hear from Loren Cunningham as he shares about how Jesus is winning, get a report from YWAM in South Sudan after the recent coup attempt, get another update about YWAM’s continued relief work in the Philippines, hear about the upcoming Glasgow Commonwealth Games outreach, and more […]

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Continued Work in the Philippines, The Importance of Community in YWAM, Flying Car in Australia
This week we will catch up on the continued YWAM relief work in the Philippines, find out what work YWAM Dehrandun is continuing to do in India after the devastating floods in June, 2013 that left about 5700 people dead, get to hear from YWAM Los Angeles about the importance of community, hear about the […]

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21 Teams in the Philippines, Loren Cunningham on the Digital Generation, Update from YWAM Haiti
This week we will take another look at the ongoingdisaster relief work that YWAM is doing in the Philippines, we will hear from Loren Cunningham as he shares about the digital generation, we will get an update from YWAM in Haiti, find out about some upcoming courses and seminars, and more … Stories: Update on […]

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YWAM Responds to Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, Megacities Invitation to Kolkata, India, Rebuilding in South Sudan
This week we will talk about YWAM’s response to Typhoon Haiyan that has decimated the Philippines, we’ll hear about a project called “Restoration Initiatives” that YWAM San Francisco is doing, find out how YWAM in engaged in some rebuilding in Southern Sudan after attacks by the Lords Resistance Army, check out a peace and justice […]

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Why Not Women, YWAM Voices Magazine, Working with Pakistans Bomb Victims
In this week’s episode of the Youth With A Mission News podcast we will hear from Loren Cunningham and David Hamilton about the role of women in leadership, we’ll get an update on YWAM’s work in Haiti, find out about Amazon Reach’s new location, hear about a great resource site for missionaries, and more … […]

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Loren Cunningham Presents I Am A Missionary, UofN Workshop Report, YWAM Flying Car Update, October Justice Awareness Month
This week Loren Cunningham presents us with the video “I Am A Missionary”. I also had a chance to interview Raymond Siebring about the YWAM Flying Car and the Aviation Education Institute. We will hear a report from the UofN Workshop, find out about the October Justice Awareness Month by Steps of Justice, hear about […]

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Live Video from the UofN Workshop, the Rise Campaign, New YWAM Africa Magazine, Mourning the Passing of Mama Dar
This week we will hear a testimony and song from Benny Prasad, hear about the new Rise Campaign coming out of Colorado Springs, check out what’s in the the latest magazine from YWAM Africa, follow the YWAM Ships Orange County sailing Vessel the Caribbean Reach as it transits to Kona, hear a testimony of an […]

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Loren Cunningham Shares About The Call, Flood Relief in India, Ireland Boarder Walk
Intro: This week we have a special message from Loren Cunningham about “The Call” and different ways that God speaks to us. We will also continue to follow the situation in India and YWAM’s relief work there after the devastating floods, hear about some YWAMers who are walking the border in Ireland, and more … […]

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YWAM Aquaponics Interview, New YWAM Properties in Australia, UofN Workshop Testimony
This week we have an interview with Tim Bailey who is working on an aquaponics setup in Romania, we hear a devotion about the problem of fear from Markus Haesser from YWAM San Francisco, we will hear about two YWAM locations in Australia making the move into new properties, hear another testimony about why you […]

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YWAM Flood Relief Work in India, Oklahoma Tornado Recovery Report, Ship Re-Fit, House Donated to YWAM in Germany
This week we will have another update from the relief teams from YWAM Dehradun working to help with the floods in India, we have an interview with Dave Mansfield from Rescuenet about their deployment to Oklahoma, we will hear another testimony from a previous University of the Nations Workshop and more … Stories: Devotion Feedback […]

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New YWAM.org Web-Site, Pacific Hope is Home, Community Centre in Guyana, GMN Report
On this week’s episode of the YWAM Podcast we will find out about the new Global YWAM web-site, we will follow up on the disaster relief work that YWAM Dehradoon is doing in response to the floods in India, we have a few reports from Marine Reach in New Zealand and Albania, we will hear […]

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UofN Workshop in Mexico, Floods in India, PNG Solar Dental Chair, 2015 World Expo Outreach
This week we will look at the upcoming University of the Nations workshop in Mexico, talk about YWAM’s response to the floods in India, hear about a DTS outreach experience in the Dominican Republic, see what YWAM is doing for the World Expo to be held in Milan, Italy in 2015, and more … Stories: […]

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A Million Meals for the Hungry, Solar Fridge in PNG, 55,000 Bibles in Mali, High School Seminars
In this episode of the YWAM Podcast we will talk about how YWAM Minneapolis has been able to provide a million meals to the needy in the last three years, find out about YWAM Southland’s DUO outreach in Adelaide, hear how YWAM Ships is partnering with the PNG Western Provincial government and more … Stories: […]

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New YWAM Africa Podcast, Malawi Medical Clinic, Ethiopia Prison Ministry, Taipai Coffee Bar
This episode of the YWAM Podcast we will talk about the launch of a new YWAM Podcast in Africa, look at a plan to produce and distribute new audio and visual tools for the least evangelized people in the world, hear how the 30-days of prayer for Muslim world has impacted people in the 20-years […]

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Response to Oklahoma Tornado Disaster, YWAM Haiti Update, Call2All Begins in Thailand
This week we will talk about YWAM’s emergency team RescueNet responding to the tornado disaster in Oklahoma, we will get an update about what is happening with YWAM in Haiti, find out about some training and staffing opportunities around the world, and we will find out what the book of GENESIS says about who God […]

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Medical Team in Albania, Jesus Film Outreach in Malawi, Aquaponics Project in Romania, and YWAM Americas Staff Gathering in Panama
Today we will talk about a YWAM Medical Team serving in Albania, Global Outreach Day, a Jesus Film Outreach in Malawi, Outreach opportunities in Europe this summer, an Aquaponics project in Romania and the YWAM America’s Staff Gathering that took place last week in Panama. Stories Marine Reach Ministries Medical Team in Albania Marine Reach […]

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Megacities Go To Kolkata India, 2014 FIFA Worldcup Kickoff Outreach and a UofN Workshop in Mexico
In this episode of the Youth With A Mission News Podcast we will be talking about the next YWAM Megacities project in Kolkata, India, we’ll look at what YWAM is doing for their outreach to the 2014 FIFA Worldcup in Brazil, talk about the upcoming University of the Nations Workshop in Mexico, discuss a few […]

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Why The Need for a Ship Ministry, Gap Year in YWAM, and Thank You from YWAM Africa
In this week’s edition of the Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Podcast we talk about why there is still such a need for a ship based ministry, find out why a YWAM DTS as a good option for your Gap Year between high school and work or further education, hear about some of the work […]

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YWAM Responds to Boston Marathon Bombings, Outreach to Argentina Floods Victims and Outreach Cafe in Thailand Red Light District
Today we will find out how YWAM Responds to the Boston Marathon Bombing, Outreach to the Argentina Flood victims, an Outreach cafe has been opened in a Red Light district in Thailand, we look at a mobile app to help you learn about the people in East Asia, and more … Stories YWAM Boston Responds […]

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YWAM Thailand Outreach to Africa, Cambodia Centre Development and Team Xtreme in the Phillipines
Hear about YWAM Thailand’s outreach to Africa, we find out how God is using YWAM in Cambodia and where He is leading the ministry there, we find out about the recent Team Xtreme tour to the Phillipines, hear more about the new uniskript language for translation of the Bible and discover many new training opportunities… […]

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Golfing for YWAM, Germany Invades the USA, Developing New Languages and YWAMConnect.com is Shutting Down
This week we find out how people are Golfing for YWAM, YWAM Germany Invades the USA with a new German language training centre in Florida, we talk about the development of new Languages and writing scripts to help oral language cultures to express themselves in and read the written word and we talk about YWAMConnect.com […]

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East Africa Conservation, Collecting Glasses in the UK, Mission Building and Training Opportunities
The week we hear about the M/V Pacific Hope geing on route to the Philippines, we look at some tree planting and conservation projects in East Africa, we talk about a few different ways that you could get involved with Youth With A Mission and we also talk about some of the things that you […]

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Pope Francis and YWAM, M/Y Pacific Hope Leaves for the Philippines and Reaching Out to Persecuted Christians in Pakistan
Find out about YWAM’s experience and relationship with the new Pope Francis, we talk about two of the YWAM Ships that are currently on the move, and we find out about some of thepersecutionthat Christians are experiencing in Pakistan and look at ways that you can help … Stories: YWAM Responds to the New Pope […]

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Message from Loren Cunningham to Businesses, Review of Jesus Film Mobile App, and New Training and Conference Opportunities
This week we hear a message to businesses from Loren Cunningham, we review the Jesus Film mobile application and we talk about a few new training and conference opportunities that are coming up… Stories: UofN Natural Farming Ministry and Training Relates to the FoodMachine that we talked about on the last YWAM Podcast. You can […]

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New Ship for YWAM New Zealand, DTS Network Meetings and Food Machines
In this week’s episode of the YWAM Podcast we get to hear about aNew Ship for YWAM Marine Reach New Zealand, DTS Network Meeting happening in England, YWAM installing “food machines” in three of their operating locations and more … Stories: YWAM’s IPO Connection – Missional Internships for Students Everywhere You can find out more […]

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YWAM Staff Gatherings, YWAM Interns and Mercy Ministry Updates for Africa and India
Welcome back! This week in YWAM Podcast episode 54 we talk about YWAM Staff gatherings in Europe and the Asia / Pacific region, we check out some new opportunities for YWAM locations to connect with missions minded interns, and we see what Mercy ministries Youth With A Mission is engaging in throughout Africa and India… […]

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Merry Christmas from the YWAM Podcast
From the staff of the YWAM Podcast we want to wish everyone out there a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. God bless you all as we celebrate the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ and as we approach another year of loving and serving him… Tell us your Christmas stories and traditions, and […]

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Is Your Identity Wrapped Up in Ministry, Pattaya Prayer Event, Thailand Flood Cleanup, GLF Meetings and Ship Ministry Updates
We find out more about Youth With a Mission’s work in Thailand, hear some exciting ship ministry news, talk about the YWAM Global Leadership Forum meetings that just finished up in Mexico and we hear a challenging message about where you find we our identity and if we put too much emphasis on our ministry […]

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Rebuilding Haiti, Thailand Flood Relief, AIDS in Africa, and Helping Orphans in Russia
A review of YWAMs relief work in Haiti, we talk about how art and media are bringing Thais to Christ, look at some upcoming conferences around the world and we also talk about an opportunity for you to help bring some joy to some orphans in Russia … Stories: YWAM Haiti Complete Update of work […]



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