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Released:  10/26/2010 2:25:02 PM
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Everything from local cultural events, theatre, Asian cuisine, casino events, business and trade news, Asian art and entertainment, old world/new world recipes, poetry, product reviews, and fashion will be covered.

34 Podcasts:

1. actor-calvin-jung.mp3 (played 100 times)
2. japanese-pianist-yoko-miwa.mp3 (played 111 times)
3. actor-calvin-jung.mp3 (played 105 times)
4. gordon-mathieson-author-of-the-color-of-ic .. (played 114 times)
5. jeremy-lin-nba-star-of-the-golden-state-wa .. (played 121 times)
6. li-li-hsiao-md.mp3 (played 110 times)
7. la-carmina-professional-japan-gothsubcultu .. (played 107 times)
8. ted-woo-of-cbp-joins-ab-radio.mp3 (played 97 times)
9. award-winning-author-don-lee.mp3 (played 102 times)
10. girls-night-out-at-the-theatre.mp3 (played 103 times)
11. attorney-russell-l-chin-of-the-chin-law-fi .. (played 100 times)
12. fashion-shout-out.mp3 (played 98 times)
13. crunchyroll.mp3 (played 108 times)
14. fob-clothing.mp3 (played 117 times)
15. micheal-tse-of-dot-media.mp3 (played 99 times)
16. fred-hc-liang-artist-and-professor-in-the- .. (played 100 times)
17. momogoose-the-countrys-first-open-mobile-k .. (played 100 times)
18. lian-minchelle-of-mikado-weddings.mp3 (played 110 times)
19. asian-boston-radio-welcomes-lynn-chen.mp3 (played 154 times)
20. the-awesome-sam-measa-cambodian-refugee-an .. (played 111 times)
21. asianboston-radio-theatre-interviews-and-p .. (played 159 times)
22. brian-shin-founder-and-ceo-of-visible-meas .. (played 99 times)
23. jennifer-lum-angel-investor.mp3 (played 124 times)
24. actress-tara-deleon.mp3 (played 117 times)
25. the-sharewood-project.mp3 (played 110 times)
26. superstar-lily-mariye.mp3 (played 112 times)
27. jeannie-suk-professor-of-law-at-harvard-la .. (played 124 times)
28. interior-designer-jennifer-glickman.mp3 (played 112 times)
29. filmmakers-paul-mckinney-leo-kai-angelos.m .. (played 115 times)
30. fiona.mp3 (played 102 times)
31. fashion-with-fiona.mp3 (played 111 times)
32. the-big-picture-show.mp3 (played 94 times)
33. interview-with-japanese-pianist-yoko-miwa. .. (played 99 times)
34. BlogTalkRadio.mp3 (played 30 times)


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Interview with Japanese pianist Yoko Miwa - Jul 01,2011
Japanese pianist Yoko Miwa has earned a reputation as one of the jazz world's lyrical, melodic, and accessible players. All Music Guide says that ?what's consistently impressive is her ability to deliver complex and challenging musical ideas in a compelling and yet frequently gentle and inviting way.? She has released four CDs on major labels in Japan and has become a critically acclaimed and internationally recognized touring performer and educator.

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The Big Picture Show - Jun 21,2011
Big Picture Show hosts Gerald Heng and Matt Casey talk about contemporary China and US relations on the global stage.

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Fashion with Fiona - Apr 28,2011
Asian Boston radio fashion host Fiona Zhang Lei discusses all things fashion where overly fashioned-out people come together and rap fashion

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Fiona - Apr 26,2011
Host Fiona Zhang Lei ... fashion and design master

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Filmmakers Paul McKinney & Leo Kai Angelos - Apr 09,2011
After working on so many films for others, Kei Angelos is in the process of producing and directing a feature film of his own. His film, called Pins and Needles, is a martial arts action movie retelling of the fairytale, Little Red Riding Hood

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Interior Designer Jennifer Glickman - Mar 20,2011
Top Boston designer Jennifer Glickman discusses hot trends in design concepts for corporate spaces, restaurants, universities, libraries, theaters, retail, and residences.

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Jeannie Suk: Professor of Law at Harvard Law School - Mar 19,2011
She has been named a Guggenheim Fellow and appointed Senior Fellow of the Humanities Center at Harvard. Before joining the faculty in 2006, she served as a law clerk to Justice David Souter on the United States Supreme Court, and to Judge Harry Edwards on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit. She was educated at Yale (B.A. 1995) and at Oxford (D.Phil 1999) where she was a Marshall Scholar. She is a graduate of Harvard Law School (J.D. 2002), where she was Chair of the Harvard Law Review's Articles office. Her writing has appeared in the Yale Law Journal, Stanford Law Review, Wall Street Journal, Slate, and elsewhere. Her most recent book, At Home in the Law: How the Domestic Violence Revolution is Transforming Privacy, was awarded the Herbert Jacob Prize by the Law and Society Association.

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Superstar Lily Mariye - Mar 13,2011
For all fifteen seasons of the award winning NBC drama series ER, Lily has played the role of Nurse Lily Jarvik, which won the Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Ensemble in a Drama Series four times. Born in Las Vegas, Nevada, she graduated from UCLA with a B.A. in Theatre Arts. She has appeared in numerous films such as EXTRAORDINARY MEASURES with Harrison Ford, HANCOCK, THE BEST LITTLE WHOREHOUSE IN TEXAS, MIGHTY JOE YOUNG, THE SHADOW, THE NEW AGE, and THE DOCTOR. Lily has guest-starred in over 25 television shows including SHAMELESS, JUDGING AMY, ALLY MCBEAL, and CHICAGO HOPE. :

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The Sharewood Project - Mar 12,2011
The Sharewood Project is a free health care organization run by medical students and physicians affiliated with Tufts University School of Medicine. Sharewood offers unscheduled health care to the medically underserved populations of the greater Boston area. Sharewood is located in the First Church in Malden, at the end of Pleasant Street in Malden, MA (see map), and operates Tuesday nights from 6:30 to 9 PM. Sharewood is staffed by volunteer physicians, medical students (and other health professional students), and translators. We provide clinical, case management, laboratory, and other health care services. All services are free and open to everyone, including the uninsured, and no appointment is necessary.

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Actress Tara Deleon - Jan 22,2011
ABLA UpBeat Host Emily Shum talks with actress Tara Deleon. Tara portrays Hoshi Ayame Ito on the High Street Hills TV series. http://www.highstreethills.com/

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Jennifer Lum, angel investor - Jan 21,2011
Jennifer Lum is an angel investor and business woman

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Brian Shin, Founder and CEO of Visible Measures - Jan 15,2011
Brian has co-founded several successful Internet software companies, including web-based collaboration technology vendor Creative Aspects, which was acquired by Medsite Inc. (now WebMD); and The Cambridge Intelligence Agency, a Web-based e-mail response management solution provider that was acquired by marketing services company MSGi. Brian also co-founded technology strategy consulting firm Infraweb, Inc., where he served as President, and was an early member of the team at Allaire Corp. which went public in 1999 and was subsequently acquired by Macromedia.

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An interview with playwright Rosanna Alfaro and performance of her play "Verbatim." - Jan 10,2011
Rosanna is a Japanese-American playwright who lives in Harvard Square. Rosanna Yamagiwa Alfaros plays include Behind Enemy Lines (Pan Asian Repertory Theatre), Mishima (East West Players), Martha Mitchell (Edinburgh Fringe Festival; Theater Center Philadelphia; Six Figures Theater Co., New York; and others), Barrancas (Magic Theatre), Pablo and Cleopatra (New Theater), Mexico City (The Boston Women on Top Festival), Sailing Down the Amazon (BWTF and JRV Productions), and It Doesnt Take a Tornado and Amsterdam (La MaMa E.T.C.). She is writer and narrator of Japanese American Women: A Sense of Place, a documentary directed by Leita Hagemann (part of a Smithsonian Institution exhibit and aired by PBS in Seattle). Seven of her short plays have been in the Boston Theater Marathon, and seven were finalists in the National Ten-Minute Play Contest. Her plays have been anthologized by Bakers Plays, Heinemann, Charta Books, Smith and Kraus, and Meriwether Publishing. http://www.huntingtontheatre.org/

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The Awesome Sam Meas...A Cambodian refugee and self-described Reagan Republican - Dec 18,2010
Meas was born in war-torn Cambodia, spent three years in a Thai refugee camp and was sponsored by a Virginian Catholic Charities office to come to America. Having learned English during his formative years, Meas worked through high school and went to Virginia Tech, where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in finance in 1996. For the last two years, Meas has worked for Boston-based State Street Global Advisors, a division of State Street Corporation, where he managed a team of analysts who were providing attribution and performance date to top-level portfolio managers

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Asian Boston Radio welcomes Lynn Chen - Dec 11,2010
Lynn Chen is best-known for playing "Vivian Shing" in Sony Pictures Classic's feature film "Saving Face," a role she won the "Outstanding Newcomer Award" for at the 2006 Asian Excellence Awards. Since then she has appeared in over a dozen films, most recently starring in "White on Rice," "The People I've Slept With," and the upcoming "Surrogate Valentine." As a child, Lynn sang with the Children's Choirs at the Metropolitan and NYC Opera Houses, and made her acting debut in the NY State Theatre production of "South Pacific" at Lincoln Center. Television credits include "NCIS: LA," "Numbers," guest roles on almost all of the "Law and Order" shows, and recurring roles in "All My Children" and "The Singles Table," opposite John Cho and Alicia Silverstone. When she's not acting, Lynn can be found blogging about food and healthy body image at www.theactorsdiet.com.

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Lian & Angel of Mikado Weddings - Nov 30,2010
Mikado Weddings is New England's newest wedding planning service providing fresh ideas and distinguished services. http://www.mikadoweddings.com/

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Momogoose: the countrys first open mobile kitchen - Nov 18,2010
Momogoose foodtruck is a social enterprise founded by alums of MIT, Yale, and Harvard Medical School Howard Hughes Institute. South & Southeast Asian bistro and desserts bar. Vegan, vegetarian, and non-vegetarian. For every meal sold, we donate a meal to charity. Meal for meal.

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Fred H.C. Liang: artist and Professor in the Fine Arts - Nov 13,2010
The narrative of Fred's arrival to Boston is less linear, as it is a journey that took him through the turmoil of China's Cultural Revolution, the sanctity of Midwestern Canada, the hustle of New York and finally, to the academic and cultural diversity of Boston. In in his most recent work Liang ponders the theory of agent causation proposed by philosopher Roderick Chisholm in 1964, which views the self as a free entity unaffected by historical events. This view contrasts with the Eastern veneration of ancestors and the value placed on sacrifice in the present for the sake of the future. To find out a bit more of Fred's art and life, just click onto the below links. http: //fredliang.com http://bit.ly/aZrW6n

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Actor Calvin Jung - Oct 23,2010
Graduating from high school in New York, Jung attended Massanutten Military Academy in Virginia. He attended Hillsdale College in Michigan, and left his senior year to pursue acting back in New York. His first professional acting job was a commercial in Canada in 1970. His New York debut was off-Broadway at the American Place theater (The Chickencoop Chinaman) in 1971. In 1974 he appeared as Mr. Lee in the long-running "ancient Chinese secret" commercial for Calgon water softener.[1] In 1976 his Broadway debut was with (The Phoenix Repertory Theater) in the dramas "Memory of Two Mondays" and "They Knew What They Wanted". Also on Broadway he worked with George C. Scott and Hector Elizondo in "Sly Fox". Among his many New York theater gigs were those at the Brooklyn Academy ("Dawn Song"), at the New York Public Theatre ("FOB") and at La Mama Experimental Theatre (resident member 1970-1972). In the 1980s, Jung started to assume supporting parts in major movie productions such as RoboCop in 1987, wherein he played Steve Minh, a member of a vicious gang of cocaine dealers and bank robbers that brutally slays a police man who afterwards is turned into the revengeful cyborg-protagonist of the movie. Other movies that Jung appeared in were The Formula (with Marlon Brando), The Challenge (with Toshiro Mifune), Lethal Weapon 4 (with Mel Gibson), and The Day After (with Jason Robards). On television Jung frequently took over guest parts in TV series such as Murder, She Wrote, Cheers, Trapper John M.D., and Babylon 5.

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Japanese pianist Yoko Miwa - Oct 16,2010
Yoko Miwa has earned a reputation as one of the jazz worlds lyrical, melodic, and accessible players. All Music Guide says that whats consistently impressive is her ability to deliver complex and challenging musical ideas in a compelling and yet frequently gentle and inviting way. She has released four CDs on major labels in Japan and has become a critically acclaimed and internationally recognized touring performer and educator.

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Thinking Out Loud ... - Oct 10,2010
...and other Vague Ruminations

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Gordon Mathieson, author of The Color of Ice, joins AB radio - Oct 09,2010
The Color of Ice involves a Tufts University professor recruited as a mole for the US on a highly sensitive Top Secret research. The team is sponsored by both the PRC and The White House. The conflict of trust hovers between the two super powers and a multi-cultural romance develops between the professor the lead scientist. The Beijing to Boston connection has twists and turns will catch the reader by surprise!

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The Boston Globe's Al Young talks about NBA phenom Jeremy Lin of the Golden State Warriors - Oct 03,2010
Undrafted out of college, Lin reached a partially-guaranteed contract deal with the Golden State Warriors in July 2010.

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Li-Li Hsiao, MD - Oct 02,2010
Doctor Hsiao of Partners HealthCare speaks about medicine and its relationship to a community

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La Carmina: Professional Japan Goth/subcultures blogger - Sep 25,2010
La Carmina is a professional Japan Goth/subcultures blogger,travel TV host, author of 3 books (Penguin USA and Random House), designer and CNNGo.com writer. Her popular blog -www.lacarmina.com/blog - has been featured in major publications (The New Yorker, Washington Post, WWD, Village Voice, Time Out New York, LA Times). She appeared on The Today Show and co-hosted an episode of Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern for Travel Channel, which airs in 75 countries. NHK Japan filmed a documentary about her work; recent TV hosting and arranging credits include Dutch Pepsi, Sony Australia, Canal Plus France, and CNN International in Tokyo. She will be the Asia host for educational travel TV series, Project Explorer."

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Ted Woo of CBP joins Ab radio - Sep 24,2010
Ted Woo joins Ab radio to discuss the opening of 3000 border patrol positions

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Award Winning Author Don Lee - Sep 19,2010
Don Lee is an American novelist who spent his childhood in Tokyo and Seoul as the son of a State Department officer. He received his B.A. in English Literature from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and his M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Emerson College. He has also served as the primary editor of the literary journal Ploughshares for 17 years. Lee's earlier work have appeared in GQ, New England Review, American Short Fiction, Kenyon Review, and Glimmer Train, with Voir Dire anthologized in Charlie Chan is Dead 2. He has also received fellowships from the Massachusetts Cultural Council and the St. Botolph Club Foundation. His first collection of short stories, Yellow, documents the lives of various Asian American characters living in the fictional Rosarita Bay. Yellow has also won the Sue Kaufman Prize for First Fiction from the American Academy of Arts and Letters. He has followed that collection with the novel Country of Origin, which has earned an American Book Award and an Edgar Award for Best First Novel. Recently, Lee has finished up on a new novel called Wrack and Ruin.[1] The book, which revisits the fictional town of Rosarita Bay, was published by W.W. Norton in April 2008. Lee was formerly a faculty member of the Creative Writing department at Macalester College. In the fall of 2008, Lee moved to the faculty of Western Michigan University where he taught both graduate and undergraduate courses. He currently in the faculty of the Creative Writing program at Temple University.

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Girls Night out at the Theatre - Sep 18,2010
(4) of America's top Asian-American actresses ( Drea Castro--LA; Julie Pham--NY; Liz Eng--Boston; Mariko Kanto--Boston ) speak with ABLA Upbeat host Emily Shum

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Attorney Russell L. Chin of the Chin Law Firm joins AB radio - Sep 11,2010
Chin Law Firm is located 30 minutes from Boston in the seaside community of Hingham, Massachusetts. The firm provides corporate, litigation, real estate, brokerage and foreign business consultation services to public and private clients. The firm offers an uncommon blend of business advisory services and practical trial experience as well as domestic and global marketplace perspectives. Representative clients include corporate and individuals in banking, education, finance, real estate, technology,and other sectors. http://www.chinfirm.com/

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Fashion Shout Out - Sep 04,2010
Designers talk about the upcoming fall fashion scene

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Crunchyroll - Sep 03,2010
Crunchyroll is the #1 online location for legally streaming Anime and Asian entertainment. Crunchyroll is at the forefront of the U.S. Anime industry and is currently venturing into the U.S. Manga industry.

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FOB Clothing - Aug 28,2010
F.O.B's Clothing Company continuously provides the most stylish and innovative brand of clothing to complement, enhance, and accent an urban lifestyle

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Micheal Tse of DOT Media - Aug 26,2010
He is the founder of DotMedia. Michael has held positions as a producer and director for a variety of features, documentaries and commercials. His most recent feature film "Screaming Night 2003" is a teen horror genre.



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