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Released:  3/4/2010 9:10:21 PM
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Thoughts from a Local Parish - Preached by Rev. Fr. Theodore Paraskevopoulos, these sermons are from St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church in Winnipeg, Canada.

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(Play It)
Christs Bride
Christ does indeed have a wife. She's the Church.

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The Messiah We Expect
Which Messiah are you waiting forthe real one or the one you have created in your mind?

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Almsgiving and the Fast
Keith Thomas Sandberg speaks at a lecture sponsored by the Winnipeg Orthodox Clergy Association after the Vespers of St. Mary of Egypt.

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Being Ourselves
Fr. Ted explains that when we fail to take part in fasting or the sacraments, we create an identity crisis within.

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The Gravity of Sin
Fr. Ted compares ascending St. John's ladder to traveling from earth up into space.

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Faith in Fantasy: Finding God in Modern Culture
Fr. Ted delivers a lecture in Calgary at St. Vladimir's Ukrainian Orthodox Church Lenten Retreat.

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Thought and Action
Fr. Ted explains that the essence and energies of God can be applied to who we are as human beings and how we act toward one another.

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Finding the Light
The Rev. Fr. Gregory Scratch speaks at the Greek Orthodox Metropolis Youth Assembly in Winnipeg, Canada.

(Play It)
What Is the Light?
Dr. John Karvelas speaks at the Greek Orthodox Metropolis Youth Assembly in Winnipeg, Canada.

(Play It)
Happiness or Joy?
Fr. Ted warns us that If we cannot distinguish between happiness and true spiritual joy, then there's a problem in our lives.

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Fr. Ted reminds us that we cannot be true Christians if we do not forgive.

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Bearing the Divine Light

(Play It)
Setting Us Free
Fr. Ted reminds us that true freedom is being a slave to God.

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Orthodoxy for Protestants
Fr. Ted gives a crash course on Orthodoxy to 71 students from Canadian Mennonite University.

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Pre-Season Training
Fr. Ted explains how the Triodion prepares us to run the marathon of Great Lent.

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Beginning Life in the Church
Fr. Ted connects the forty day blessing of newborn children to the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord in the Temple.

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Fr. Ted explains that secularism is when we live according to how we want to live.

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Fr. Ted addresses the belief that all Christian traditions are equally valid.

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Restoring Nature
Fr. Ted explains why we should have our homes blessed every year.

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Living the Mystery
Fr. Ted explains that the Incarnation cannot be learned, but it can be experienced.

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Like Everyone Else
Fr. Ted reminds us that we are called to be different from everyone else.

(Play It)
We Get What We Give
Fr. Ted assures us that the more time we commit to our spiritual life, the more we will get out of it.

(Play It)
Poverty of the Soul
Fr. Ted reminds us that confession is a reconciliation.

(Play It)
Being a Light to the World
Fr. Ted reminds us that we must be a spiritual light to our children.

(Play It)
Be the Light
Sbdn. Alex Younes delivers the keynote address at Youth Sunday at St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church. Sbdn. Alex is from the Antiochian Archdiocese and attends St. George Antiochian in Toronto



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